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SUCCESS! a Whole House Transformation | April, 2019

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Showing you how we create a property that makes people want to come to see it and then fall in love with it.

This was just your average old door

Creating excitement with a little work and paint! A Tudor comes to life and found a new owner.

Blank living room before Home Staging

The Living room is inviting After Home Staging
AFTER Home Staging

After a blank presentation, we brought out its hidden splendor with light and color. BAM!!! SOLD! Obtaining a winning Contract in only 5 days. This property languished on the market for 3 months. My client called and asked for help because he has utilized my service on other occasions and knows it is a valuable marketing tool. Sometimes a seller just doesn't see the value or the budget seems tight. Think about it...the carrying costs for each month you own your home before you have the SOLD sign out front. It is almost always more than the investment in full preparation to show at it's best right out of the gate. It is certainly less than the price reduction will you will be forced to do.

Empty dining room before Home Staging

After home staging the dining room is ready for guests
AFTER Home Staging

Empty Kitchen

Kitchen with life after home Staging
AFTER Home Staging

After almost two decades of Home Staging for so many families and agents, I always get so excited when a property is complete and I sit down and smile, thinking this is so much fun and fulfilling being able to make a difference in lives in so many ways over and over again, throughout the course of my career. Making a difference for sellers and buyers.

Home Staging is about creating value by showing a buyer how they can live here. In this house, the goal was showing the rooms which were only ample in size, as it can be larger than it appears. It was cold and bare. This quote "most buyers only know what they see, not what it can be" is from my mentor and the creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz. When we finished the rooms now show how it is possible to live in it and how it can look beautiful.

This house feels like a home. It is warm and inviting.

The new owner called and asked if I would work with him on interior design, improvements, and updates. Well, this is not what I do any longer. I am in real estate and not interior design. I advise sellers and buyers with my knowledge and experience in these matters. I help a broad range of potential buyers envision themselves in a home. That is enough. I like to decorate for all holidays. I enjoy my home. With my posts, I am hoping to inspire you to do things that bring you joy in your home. I hope to give you tips on Staging your own house in the coming weeks and months. I hope to give you ideas on all things HOME.

See the whole house transformation here https://mls.truplace.com/property/1787/71327/

I wish I had a whole tour of the unstaged, blank spaces listing before. Just photos. Sorry.

I am glad you came by.


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