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Welcoming you to my house anytime

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hello friends, can you believe I am writing my first blog post? It is Spring and time for new beginnings. I am bursting to begin and bloom. I am making time to uplift and blossom by setting my priorities to maintain my business and personal life to keep me joyful and productive. This week four families have requested my help. I have the beginnings of those projects in their perspective steps. At least 50% of my week just 3 days in were days compiling proposals and last week was personal visits.

Now it is time to plan my Summer Welcome to all. This is what you can do for Spring too. I remove the Winter greens that stay in place after the decorations of berry pics, bulbs, and other decor are removed so the containers are bare. At the end of April, I change to ferns that I buy at Home Depot or any place that has hearty plants for about $12-$15 each.

The pines will stay fresh looking until the temperature goes to 40 degrees for a few days.

Ready for the early Spring Welcome splash!

Curb Appeal is important all the time. It can make a passer-by and you feel renewed and joyful anytime. A great first impression isn't just for a house for sale. It displays pride in your home and yourself.

Fill the urns and keep them watered. Put a green leaf wreath on the door that can be decorated with trim to suit any mood or occasion.

This is what it looks like now. Easy update. Welcome to my place!

In a week to two this is the new goal. Achieve bright and cheerful greetings to all.

Summer 2018

Thank you for coming by today and I hope you are inspired and will be making your home with deb. Please leave a comment and subscribe below to follow along.

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